Tense Forms and Usages

Types of Tenses and Uses

We’ll discuss in the following links tense forms and usages:

Forms and Usages of the Simple Verb Phrase

Present Tense

Past Tense

Forms and Usages of the Perfect Verb Phrase

Present Perfect

Past Perfect

Forms and Usages of the Future Verb Phrase. (Will and Shall)

Forms and Usages of the Progressive Verb Phrase.

Present Progressive

Past Progressive

Present Perfect Progressive

Past Perfect Progressive

Future Progressive

Comparison of Past Tense and Present Perfect Tense

Conditional Patterns

Possible Conditions

Contrary-To-Fact Conditions

Doubtful Conditions (Active and Passive)

Subjunctive Patterns

Present Subjunctive Forms and Patterns

Past Subjunctive Forms and Patterns

March 26, 2015

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