Two Word Verbs
  • Two Word Verbs

    March 22, 2015

    Phrasal verbs or Two Word Verbs Since there is a large number of Two word verbs (verb and preposition / adverb combination), which makes the non-native speakers misunderstand their meanings, this Website is designed as a reference to help advanced students of English as a foreign language increase their vocabulary by giving them the expressions, […]

  • Two Word Verbs – Group III

    March 21, 2015

    GROUP III List of Two Word Verbs This is the smallest group of two-word verbs.  The verbs in this group are usually intransitive but a few of these may sometimes occur with objects (already listed in groups I and II)   check in (Register at a school, hotel, etc.)You should check in as soon as […]

  • Two Word Verbs – Group II

    GROUP II List of Two Word Verbs   V+ Prep. Adv. + (pro) Noun Object   In this group are two word verbs whose parts are never separated by an object.  They may be separated by other words such as adverbs, but not by an object.   become of (happen to)What’s become of Mary Ann […]

  • Two Word Verbs – Group I

    GROUP I List of Two Word Verbs Verb+ Prep. Adv. + Noun Object   Verb+ Object Pronoun+ Prep. Adv.   Examples: bring back a.(recall)That song brings back pleasant memories.b. (return) You may borrow the books if you bring them back. bring up a. (introduce or mention a subject)Why do you bring up such a disagreeable […]

  • Verb+Prepositions Combinations with Examples

    March 20, 2015

    Lists Verb+Prepositions Combinations with Examples Phrasal verbs are verbs and prepositions in an association so close that they have new meanings that cannot be easily inferred from the individual parts.  But not all verb preposition combinations act in this way.   In many combinations, the transitive meaning of the verb can only be expressed in association with […]