Future Verb Phrase (Will and Shall)

Tense Forms and Usages


Forms and Usages of the Future Verb Phrase. (Will and Shall)

The future verb phrase is formed with will or shall plus the main verb.

Will or Shall + Main Verb Will or Shall + Main verb
I shall (will) see We shall (will) see
You will learn
You will learn
She will be They will be

Grammar Tip  Note: The locution “we shall see” sometimes has a special idiomatic application  It then implies skepticism.

Example: He says that he is a changed man, and that from now on he intends to be a model husband.   We shall see!


 Usage of the future verb phrase.

The future verb phrase is used to express an action that will take place in the future.  In American English will is used for all persons; however, shall may be used for first person singular and plural in formal speech and writing.  The contraction I’ll is commonly used for shall and will.

  • He will see you tomorrow at eight o’clock.
  • They will be late if they don’t hurry.
  • I’ll do my best to help you.
  • We’ll discuss that later.

March 26, 2015