English Irregular Verbs – A – B – C – D – E

English Irregular Verbs

Irregular Verbs – A – B – C – D – E
Irregular Verbs – F – G – H – I – J – K – L
Irregular Verbs – M – N – O
Irregular Verbs – P – Q – R
Irregular Verbs – S – T
Irregular Verbs – U – V – X – Y – Z


Base Form Simple Past Tense Past Participle
abide abode / abided abode / abided / abidden
aby / abey abought abought
alight alit / alighted alit / alighted
arise arose arisen
awake awoke / awaked awoke / awaked
backbite backbit backbitten
backfit backfit backfit
backlight backlit backlit
backslide backslid backslid / backslidden
be [ am, is, are] was / were been
bear bore born / borne
beat beat beaten / beat
become became become
bedight bedight / bedighted bedight / bedighted
befall befell befallen
beget begot / begat begotten
begin began begun
begird begirt / begirded begirt
behight behight behight / behoten
behold beheld beheld
belay belaid / belayed belaid / belayed
bend bent bent
bereave bereft / bereaved bereft / bereaved
beseech besought / beseeched besought / beseeched
beset beset beset
bespeak bespoke bespoken
bestrew bestrewed bestrewn / bestrewed
bestride bestrode bestridden
bet betted / bet betted / bet
betake betook betaken
bethink bethought bethought
beweep bewept bewept
bid bid bid
bid (command) bade bidden
bide bided / bode bided
bind bound bound
bite bit bitten
blaw (to blow) blawed blawn
bleed bled bled
blend blended / blent blended / blent
bless blessed / blest blessed / blest
blow blew blown
bottle-feed bottle-fed bottle-fed
bowstring bowstrung / bowstringed bowstrung
break broke broken
breast-feed breast-fed breast-fed
breed bred bred
bring brought brought
broadcast broadcast / broadcasted broadcast / broadcasted
browbeat browbeat browbeat / browbeaten
build built built
burn burnt / burned burnt / burned
burst burst burst
bust busted / bust busted / bust
buy bought bought
can could  -
cast cast cast
catch caught caught
cheerlead cheerled cheerled
chide chided / chid chided / chidden
choose chose chosen
clap clapped / clapt clapped / clapt
clear-cut clear-cut clear-cut
cleave cleft / cleaved / clove cleft / cleaved / cloven
cleek claught / claucht / cleeked cleeked
clepe cleped / clept cleped / clept / yclept
cling clung clung
clothe clad / clothed clad / clothed
colorbreed colorbred colorbred
colorcast colorcast colorcast
come came come
cost cost cost
cost-cut cost-cut cost-cut
counterdraw counterdrew counterdrawn
counterlight counterlit counterlit
cowrite cowrote cowritten
crash-dive crash-dived / crash-dove crash-dived
creep crept crept
creep-feed creep-fed creep-fed
crib-bite crib-bit crib-bitten
cross-bite cross-bit cross-bitten
crossbreed crossbred crossbred
crosscut crosscut crosscut
crosslight crosslit crosslit
cross-string cross-strung cross-strung
crow crowed / crew crowed
cut cut cut
dare dared / durst dared / durst
daydream daydreamt / daydreamt daydreamt / daydreamt
deal dealt dealt
deep-freeze deep-froze deep-frozen
dig dug dug
dight dight / dighted dight / dighted
dispread dispread dispread
disprove disproved disproven / disproved
dive dived / dove dived
do did done
dogfight dogfought dogfought
dow dought / dowed dought / dowed
draw drew drawn
dream dreamt / dreamed dreamt / dreamed
drink drank drunk
drip-feed drip-fed drip-fed
drive drove driven
dwell dwelled / dwelt dwelled / dwelt
eat ate eaten
end-run end-ran end-run
engird engirt engirt
engrave engraved engraved / engraven
enwind enwound enwound

List of English Irregular Verbs

March 23, 2015

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