Function Words

What are connectives?

Connective words are used to join different thoughts.

Properly speaking, all connectives are conjunctions, but we generally limit the definition to such words as perform the office of uniting propositions; or, less frequently, the terms of a proposition.


A distinction may be made between coordinating connectives (conjunctions) and linking connectives.

1. Coordinating connectives such as and, but, or, neither, nor, etc. may be found between any speech items that can occur in pairs or in series, whether single words (john and Mary; true or false; tired but happy: red, white and blue) or phrases (by day and by night, in sickness or in health, in the world but not of it) or clauses (The sky grew dark and seesaw occasional lighting and felt a few drops of rain.)

2. Linking connectives: such words as thus, therefore, moreover, still; or phrases such as in fact, for that reason, as a result. These occur frequently between main clauses, where their typical positioning is after a semi-colon(;) and before a comma (,).


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March 21, 2015